Guide to Choose the Shade of Car Windows

Tips for choosing the perfect tint shade for your car window

‍Choosing the right window tint for your vehicle is essential for several reasons. Whether it's about aesthetics, visual comfort, sun protection, or security, tinted windows meet various needs. Here are some tips to help you choose the ideal window tint for your car.

Inform Yourself About Local Laws Regarding Tinted Windows

‍Before changing your vehicle's windows or applying a tinted film to your car's windows, make sure that the tint intensity complies with the regulations in force in your region or country. Indeed, there are restrictions concerning the authorized visible light transmission. The intensity of the tint depends on the percentage of light transmission. The lower it is, the darker the tint of the film will be. For example, in France, the decree of April 13, 2016, prohibits driving with an overly tinted windshield with transparency less than 70%. This rule also applies to the front side windows.

Choose Your Car Window Tint Based on Your Needs

‍To choose the ideal tint, it is necessary to know your needs and preferences. If you are looking to protect yourself from the sun, UV radiation, and glare, opt for a medium window tinting. That is, a model that has a visible light transmission of 20%. You can opt for a tinted film which will then be easier to apply and change if needed than a classic tinted window. Moreover, the advantage of a solar film does not stop at its anti-solar properties. It also acts as a barrier against heat and helps maintain a pleasant temperature inside the cabin. This allows you to reduce your use of air conditioning and thus save on fuel. Solar Screen's advice: medium tint rear side windows and clear tint front windows to comply with the law.

Opt for a Car Window Film Rather Than Tinted Windows

If you want a quick and lasting result, choose a solar film for your car's windows. Indeed, it offers several advantages. In addition to being easy to apply and maintain, a car solar film can also provide you with more security and privacy. If you want to protect yourself from external gazes, prioritize a dark film. It guarantees perfect discretion for your passengers. It also prevents others from seeing what you are carrying in your vehicle. Note that dark films with 5% light transmission are only allowed in France on the rear side windows.

‍The tinted film for car windows can also be reinforced to offer you additional security. Solar Screen offers anti-burglary films for windows and car windows. Thus, it prevents glass from shattering in case of minor impacts. It's an additional protection that allows you to ensure the security of your car and passengers.‍