Tinted films by protector

Between Nano-Ceramic, Metallised, Dyed, and Safety, there's a diverse collection of automotive window films to choose from.

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Nano Ceramic

The ultimate technology in sun protection

  • Outstanding heat rejection through nanotechnology
  • Low reflection for enhanced driving comfort and safety
  • Zero signal interference, ensuring uninterrupted GPS and mobile phone connectivity

HP Metallized

Metallised window tint, leveraging magnetron sputtering metal film technology, offers:

  • Effective heat reduction with glare and UV protection
  • Durable features for long-lasting functionality
  • Reflective appearance, providing both functionality and a distinctive look


Dyed window tint, valued for its appearance, provides:

  • Deep black color for the darkest aesthetic
  • Cost-effective solution with privacy benefits
  • Construction éprouvée et fiable dans le temps


Enhances aesthetics and comfort while providing vital protection:

  • Vandalism Defense: Additional layers prevent injuries and deter break-ins
  • Passenger Safety: Specifically designed for side-impact crashes, holding glass fragments in place
  • Valuable Protection: Slows access, deters theft, and increases break-in time
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