Welcome to our comprehensive FAQ page, where we answer your most pressing questions about automotive tint film and paint protection film, helping you make informed decisions for your vehicle's care and appearance.

1. What is the difference between tint film and PPF?
10. What is Nano-Ceramic Window Film:
11. What is Metallized Window Film:
12. What is Dyed Window Film:
13. What is Safety Automotive Window Film:
14. My car already has factory tinted windows, is there any real benefit to adding tinted films?
2. How long do tint films and PPFs last?
3. Can tint films and PPFs be removed?
4. Do tint films and PPFs offer UV protection?
5. Are there legal restrictions on automotive tint films?
6. Can I apply tint film and PPF myself?
7. How much does it cost to install tint film and PPF?
8. Does PPF affect the paint color or texture?
9. Can tint film and PPF be washed and waxed like normal paint?