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Whether you prefer the dazzling allure of Protector Gloss or the understated elegance of Protector Mat, both products promise superior protection and enhanced appearance for your vehicle. Embrace the future of car care with Protector's innovative solutions.

Protector Gloss

The Protector Gloss film is known for exceptional transparency, safeguarding your paint against gravel, scratches, insects, and salt. Protector Gloss is a premium product that offers many benefits, including self-healing and a water-repellent effect. What's more, our PPF Gloss combines intrinsic quality with ease of application, making it the perfect everyday product.

  • Scratch and Stone Chip Protection
  • High Gloss Finish
  • Self-Healing Properties

Protector Mat

The Matt PPF provides an elegant finish while offering premium protection against impacts, gravel, insect, and winter salt. Its advanced coating technology even allows high scratches resistance properties. Moreover, our adhesive allows for repositioning, ensuring flexibility during the application on the vehicle’s body. For those who are undecided about a matt paint finish, this is the ideal alternative, with the retro fit available for resale.

  • Scratch and Stone Chip Protection
  • Matte finish for exclusivity
  • Advanced Scratches Resistance Product
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