Which Tinted Film to Choose for Your Vehicle?

Trends: Which Tinted Film to Choose?

There are several types of tinted films, each with its own characteristics and advantages. Here are some examples of vehicle films you can choose based on your expectations and needs.

Solar Tinted Film

Anti-sun films are specially designed to protect the vehicle's interior from UV rays. They help prevent glare and protect the cabin and passengers during high temperatures. They allow natural light to pass through while filtering ultraviolet rays. These are highly practical thermal barrier films during the hot season. Wondering which tinted film to choose? Thermal window film is one of the best options.

The user can also select the tint intensity; the darker the film, the less light it lets through. Be mindful of the regulations in your country. In France, for example, front windows and windshields must have a transparency coefficient of at least 70%. For other windows, the minimum threshold is 30%.

Reflective Film

For maximum protection against prying eyes, you can apply a reflective film to your vehicle. It looks like a mirror and blocks the view into your car. From the outside, passersby only see their reflection. This type of film allows natural light to pass through, ensuring good visibility for the car’s occupants. However, the mirror film can only be applied to the rear side windows since it completely obstructs the view from the outside. The windshield, front side windows, and rear window must remain unfilmed or can be slightly tinted with a light solar film.

Anti-Shatter Film

If you want additional protection against glass breakage, you can opt for an anti-shatter tinted film. In addition to protecting the vehicle from the sun and prying eyes, it is reinforced with a protective layer that resists shocks and impacts. It keeps the window in place during collisions instead of shattering into pieces. This is a real security film that ensures safe journeys for all passengers. It also protects the vehicle's contents from break-ins, safeguarding against theft attempts. It is scratch-resistant and serves as an armor for the windows, preventing damage.

Colored Tinted Film

If you love modernity and originality, there are also colored tinted films available. They come in various shades: blue, yellow, pink, green, and more, adding a stylish touch to your vehicle. Additionally, they perform the same functions as a classic tinted film, protecting against the sun and glare, and reducing reflections on screens. You can choose a dark-colored film to also ensure privacy inside the vehicle.