Paint Protection Film Body kits

Protector offers body kits to facilitate your installation.

Discover the kits
Precision protection

At Protector, we're dedicated to excellence. To support this, we offer a wide range of PPF kits designed to enhance the efficiency of your daily tasks, ensuring time-saving and effortless application.

we offer 3 kits to choose from

Choose between front, back, and full coverage, ordering precisely what your customers need, reducing waste and optimizing efficiency. Available for over 200.000 car models.

Why use our ppf body kits

Our PPF kits, designed for professional applicators striving for perfection, offer time-saving precision and a range of options from full front coverage to complete vehicle protection. These kits ensure a flawless finish and a seamless application process.

  • easy to use
  • save money
  • save time & increase productivity
  • no need to invest in plotter
  • over 200.000 vehicles available
  • competitive pricing
  • one-stop shop
  • technical support & training center to learn how to apply ppf
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