Remove Car Scratches: Pro Guide

Practical guide to remove scratches from your car like a professional

Unfortunately, a scratch on a brand-new car body can happen so easily! But don't panic, here are the main techniques for removing scratches from your car like a true professional.

Remove Car Scratches with Polishing

To get rid of a shallow scratch on your car's body, you can opt for the most common technique: polishing. It is very easy to find suitable products in specialized stores. However, note that not all scratches can be removed. Generally, if a scratch is shallow, it can then be treated with polish. To determine if the scratch or crack you want to remove can indeed be eliminated, run your hand over it. If your fingernail does not catch in the slot, then you can easily get rid of it.

Step 1: Bodywork Preparation

First, wash your car so that the scratched surface is free of stains or dust. This step is more important than one might think, as it eliminates all the dirt particles that could cause more scratches during the polishing process. Then use a clean microfiber cloth to dry the car, especially the scratched area.

Step 2: Sanding

Lightly sand the bodywork at the location of the scratch.

Step 3: Applying the Polish

Apply a small amount of quality polish on a foam or microfiber applicator. Work the polish into the scratched area using circular motions. Make sure to follow the product's instructions. This step can be done by hand with a microfiber cloth or with an electric sander if the scratch is deeper. Then wipe off the excess polish with a clean cloth and you're done.

Remove a Scratch from Your Car with a Touch-Up Pen

You can also use a touch-up pen to erase scratches from your car. It allows you to conceal shallow traces by covering them with special paint. However, be careful to choose the same shade as your vehicle for a flawless result.

Treat a Scuff on the Bodywork with Scratch Remover

There is also a product available in stores that helps easily remove car scratches. Scratch remover is a kind of paste that is applied directly on a cotton pad which is then rubbed on the scratched or damaged area using circular motions. Wipe gently then repeat the operation until the desired result is achieved.

Natural Tips for Removing Marks on the Car

There are also some natural tips that prove very effective against small discreet scratches and scuffs. Have you ever heard of toothpaste or cigarette ash? For the former, apply it on the scratches with a damp cloth and circular movements as in the polishing process. As for the ash, dab it on the damaged surface. Let it dry and admire the result.