Automobile Body Protection: Tips for Carefree Travels

Worry-Free Travels: Tips for Protecting Your Car's Bodywork During Your Escapades

To shield your car's bodywork from the everyday hazards, there's a simple and cost-effective solution: paint protection film (PPF). It's a true lifesaver that ensures peace of mind during your journeys. Here's an overview of its benefits.

Protects Against Gravel Chips

On the road, gravel, stones, or glass debris can easily damage your vehicle's bodywork. PPF absorbs the impact and prevents stone chips, leaving no traces on the car.

Prevents Scratches

Over time and with daily use, small scratches can form on the bodywork. These are often caused by clumsy passersby, narrow passages, or thorny plants. Paint protection film effectively shields the car's body from such minor scratches.

Dust and Dirt Repellent

Specially designed to protect your car's bodywork from dirt and stains, PPF helps you maintain your vehicle's cleanliness for longer. It resists bird droppings, crushed insects, tree sap, and minimizes dust adherence to the bodywork.

Chemical Resistance

Car film also makes the bodywork resistant to chemicals and acid rain. The car's paint remains vibrant, does not deteriorate, and does not yellow upon contact with abrasive substances that may be present on the roads.

Sun Fade Prevention

The sun damages your vehicle's color. Indeed, UV rays have a destructive effect on the paint's shine. That's why it's crucial to protect your car's bodywork with a sun protection film. PPF Protector films are specially designed to block UV rays, significantly reducing oxidation and color fading of the paint exposed to daily sunlight.

Enhances Shine and Perfects Finish

PPF film is discreet and does not alter the color or appearance of the vehicle's original paint. On the contrary, the shine and vibrant appearance of the original color are enhanced. Alternatively, you can also opt for a matte PPF film, which offers a beautiful matte effect to the bodywork.

Simplifies Cleaning

Paint protection film is very easy to maintain. Once in place on the vehicle, it requires no special treatment. Wash your car as usual. Since the film reduces dirt adhesion and prevents stubborn stains, your car stays clean for longer.

Maintains Vehicle ValueOver time and after many kilometers traveled with your faithful car, it tends to lose its value. Indeed, mechanical and aesthetic wear and tear quickly depreciate its price. However, PPF helps maintain this value for longer as the vehicle retains a new appearance and good paint condition even after many years of driving.

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