Bodywork Film Protection: Preserve Your Car

The importance of the body protection film to preserve the beauty of your vehicle.

Bodywork protection film is a thin layer of polyethylene. Completely transparent, it is applied to the exterior of the vehicle to protect it from external damages like cracks, minor impacts, scratches, and scuffs, as well as rust and discoloration. Discover the incredible properties of car protection film in 5 points.

1. The Bodywork Film Protects Your Car Against Shocks and Impacts

Impacts on a car are a common occurrence. To avoid unpleasant surprises, the protection film safeguards your car against minor road hazards. It absorbs the impact of stone chips, gravel, or road debris, ensuring a protected bodywork even in case of light object projections or falls. This prevents the bodywork from deforming or showing irregularities.

2. The Car Protection Film Offers Good Scratch Resistance

The car bodywork protection film forms an additional layer against external aggressions. Thus, the original paint is protected from scratches and scuffs that can be due to various circumstances: exiting a garage, narrow passages, roads surrounded by thorny vegetation, careless pedestrians... The film is particularly useful on areas prone to scratches, such as door handles, the edges of doors, and the hood.

3. The Vehicle Film Provides an Additional Layer of Protection Against the Elements

Depending on where you live and how you use the vehicle, it can be subject to several forces of nature. Rain, sea salt, and even wind can damage a car's bodywork. The paint then undergoes direct aggression causing peeling, discoloration, oxidation, rust... In case of strong winds, which lift debris, your car is also protected against impacts and minor scratches. Your vehicle is then ready to withstand all weather conditions, sandstorms, or hail.

4. PPF Protects Your Vehicle Against UV Rays

Another natural element can also attack your car's bodywork. The sun, after prolonged exposure, leads to a significant degradation of the paint. The color of your beautiful car dulls, becomes lackluster, and loses uniformity. To avoid this, apply the sun protection film on your vehicle. It has been specially designed to stop UV rays and their harmful effects. Your vehicle is thus protected and retains all its original splendor even after long periods of sun exposure.

5. The Protection Film Preserves the Value of Your Vehicle

Equipped with its additional protective layer, like in its shell, the vehicle becomes resistant to all types of minor aggressions. Thus, by protecting the bodywork against most of the damages a vehicle encounters during its life, you maintain its aesthetic value. This can be particularly important if you plan to resell your car. Indeed, a well-maintained bodywork can increase the resale value.