Window film and PPF to build customer loyalty and increase revenue

How to integrate automotive window films and ppf into your service offer to strengthen your business

When offering car sales or repair services, consider personalizing your services with additional offerings such as the sale or installation of automotive window films. Here are our top tips for highlighting and recommending tinted films for windows of all types of vehicles.

Present all the advantages of automotive window films

To highlight the value and quality of the products you offer, focus on their strengths and the benefits they provide. For example, mention their solar and UV ray-blocking properties. Tinted films for windows protect the vehicle interior and passengers from the harmful effects of the sun. They also prevent glare, thereby improving driving comfort and safety. Thanks to their tinted effect, protective window films also preserve passenger privacy whether the car is stationary or in motion. Solar Screen car films also have heat-resistant properties, keeping the vehicle cool without the need for air conditioning.

Offer choices to your customers

After demonstrating to your customers all the qualities of automotive window films, offer them the best services. By providing multiple options to your buyers, you increase your chances of selling your products to them. Solar Screen offers different films ranging from the lightest to the darkest tint, as well as mirror finishes for optimal protection against outside views.

Offer a test or demonstration

Trying is adopting! Therefore, don't hesitate to offer your customers the opportunity to see and touch the films you sell directly. Install the different shades in a display vehicle to showcase the final result and the quality of the product.

Offer a warranty to your buyers

By offering your customers a warranty, you demonstrate your full confidence in your products. Therefore, if the film fails to deliver on its promises or deteriorates faster than expected, offer an exchange or refund to your customers. This commercial gesture will encourage them to trust you more easily and to be more willing to purchase a tinted film for their vehicle.

Offer complimentary installation of window films and PPF

One of the many advantages of automotive window film is its relatively easy installation. As an automotive professional, build customer loyalty by offering complimentary window film installation services. This will demonstrate your dedication to your buyers while ensuring that the product is properly installed and will thus satisfy your customers.

Sell automotive window films and PPF for optimal vehicle protection

PPF films protect a vehicle's bodywork from minor impacts, scratches, stubborn stains, and rust. They are an excellent way to extend the shine and new appearance of a car. Highlight their qualities to your audience and offer packages of window film installation + PPF film.

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