Body Protection Guide: Vehicle Longevity

Ensure the longevity of your vehicle with our body protection guide.

‍Protecting your car's bodywork is essential to maintain its aesthetic appeal and preserve its value. There are several factors to consider in order to keep your vehicle's paint intact. Here is a complete guide with all the tips to protect your car's bodywork.

‍Regular Washing and Gentle Drying

To prevent the appearance of lasting marks, stubborn stains, and scratches, clean your vehicle regularly. This step, though mundane, will help remove insects, road salts, and other contaminants that could, over time, damage the paint. However, it is important to use a special shampoo for cars. This contributes to protecting your car's paint and does not contain abrasive agents that could damage the top layer of the paint. After each wash, dry your vehicle with a chamois or a soft microfiber cloth to avoid water marks and to prevent new dirt from sticking to the wet bodywork.

Regular Maintenance

For optimal bodywork protection, it's important to take care of it daily. For this, you can apply a special wax that serves to strengthen the paint. It forms a protective layer against various external aggressions and can even add shine. There is also another economical way to protect your car. The bodywork film absorbs minor impacts and shallow scratches, thus protecting your vehicle's paint in a safe and durable manner. It is also very effective against UV rays responsible for dulling the paint over time. It is a transparent coating that perfects the bodywork's finish. Solar Screen also offers matte films that provide a matte finish for an original and luxurious look.

Daily Precautions

To prolong the shine of your car, take daily precautions to ensure optimal protection of your bodywork. Avoid, for example, parking your vehicle in narrow alleys where clumsy pedestrians or other cars could scratch it. Or, do not park under trees where resin, bird droppings, or falling fruits and branches could permanently damage the bodywork. If you live in an area where climatic events can have a direct impact on your car, take precautions from the time of purchase. Park it in an enclosed space or under a roof and cover it with a covering specially designed to protect the bodywork against UV rays, the aggression of sea salt, snow, or acid rain. In such cases, Solar Screen's anti-scratch film for cars will be a perfect solution.

Wheel Maintenance

Also, remember to regularly clean the rims of your vehicle. Indeed, these can damage your car's finish or facilitate the projection of gravel and debris if they are not regularly cleared of the accumulation of mud, soil, or other contaminants.