Choice and Application of Car Window Films

Everything you need to know about choosing and applying films for car windows

Car window films offer several benefits: reducing heat, protecting passengers from UV rays and glare, enhancing privacy... But what are the factors to consider when choosing and applying window film for your car?

Local Legislation

Before ordering your tinted film for car windows, check the local laws. In France, for example, it is forbidden to drive with front side windows that have a transparency rate lower than 70%. Dark films to preserve privacy, however, can be applied to the rear side windows.

Type of Car Window Film

Choose the type of film based on your needs. Consider why you want to install films on your car windows. Do you want to protect yourself from UV rays? Do you want to maintain a level of privacy to protect your passengers and belongings from prying eyes? Or maybe you want to reduce heat in the cabin and use the air conditioning less? Or perhaps, you want to prevent your car windows from breaking by applying an anti-break film? It's important to note that vehicle films can have multiple functions, so it's essential to know what your needs are.

Quality Material

A crucial point for choosing the right protection film for car windows: quality. Only a high-quality film can fulfill its functions durably. Solar Screen offers a wide variety of car films in different shades and finishes. Solar Screen window coatings are durable, offering optimal adhesion and a perfect lifespan. You can also choose an anti-burglary film. It protects the windows of your vehicle against burglary attempts or acts of vandalism. Thus, passengers and your belongings remain safe inside the cabin in case of shock or impact. The window remains in place without shattering into a thousand pieces.

Application of Special Bodywork Film

For the film to stay in place for a long time, it's important to apply it properly. First, prepare your windows correctly. Clean them with a special product for windows. Cut the film to the dimensions adapted to your car windows. Leave a slight excess to facilitate final adjustment. Then spray a soapy water solution on the glass surface to allow the film to slide and be adjusted correctly. Place your film on the window, starting from the top. Use a squeegee to slide it over the film to prevent the formation of air bubbles. Ensure the film is correctly placed and then cut the excess film at the ends following the contour of the window. Finally, go over it again with the squeegee to eliminate all air bubbles and imperfections. Wipe with a dry microfiber cloth. And there you have it!