Best Tips to Say Goodbye to Glare While Driving

Best Tips to Say Goodbye to Glare While Driving: Safe and Comfortable Driving

Glare from the sun while driving can be dangerous and uncomfortable. Fortunately, there are several tricks to prevent UV rays from hindering driving and passenger comfort. Here are some of the best techniques to say goodbye to glare while driving.

Wear Polarized Glasses

To avoid discomfort and glare from the sun while driving or walking on the street, the first reflex is to wear glasses! However, make sure they always have polarized lenses. Indeed, these are specially designed to reduce reflections and glare.

Clean Your Windshield and Headlights

Make sure to keep your windshield clean inside and out. Indeed, few people know this, but dirt and fingerprints can increase glare when the car is exposed to the sun.

Adjust the Rearview Mirror and Remove All Reflective Sources

Many rearview mirrors have a day/night function. This can be adjusted to reduce glare from the headlights of vehicles behind you. Make sure it's properly adjusted for your comfort. It can also happen that reflective elements such as pocket mirrors, CDs, or screens of tablets and phones are intense sources of glare when the sun reflects off their surface. Prevent any risk of glare from the sun while driving by removing these sources from your field of vision before hitting the road.

Use Sun Glare Reduction Film for Cars

Sun glare films for cars are the most effective way to protect against the danger and discomfort caused by the sun while driving. They are specially designed to let in light while countering the harmful effects of UV rays. Thus, they reflect some of the light and guarantee optimal driving comfort. To prevent glare for passengers, it is possible to apply the sun glare reduction film on the rear windows of the car, as well as on the sunroof windows.

Note that to reduce glare for the driver when the sun is directly in front of the road, there are sun glare strips that stick directly to the upper part of the windshield. Solar Screen offers several shades ranging from the darkest to the lightest for the comfort and sensitivity of all drivers. Car sun glare reduction film also has anti-heat properties. This means that it prevents extreme temperatures inside your vehicle even when it is parked in direct sunlight for a long time. Note also that Protector offers sun glare reduction films with anti-break-in protection.

This type of film reinforces the glass's resistance and protects it against impacts, scratches, and breakage. Darker tinted films also act as a privacy barrier. Applied to the rear windows of the vehicle, it prevents seeing inside the car. Handy for preserving privacy during long trips!