5 Reasons Auto Professionals Must Offer Window Films & PPF

5 Reasons Why Automotive Professionals Should Offer Window Tint Films and PPF to Their Customers

Tinted car window films offer numerous benefits. Practical and cost-effective, they provide safety, comfort, and aesthetic enhancement to a vehicle. Here are our top 5 reasons to offer tinted window films and PPF to your customers!

1. Sun Protection with Tinted Car Window Films

Tinted films serve as effective protection against the sun. By blocking the harmful effects of UV rays, they safeguard the vehicle's interior from wear and discoloration caused by sunlight. They also provide passengers with increased comfort and reduce brightness. Offer your customers various tint options to better suit their preferences. There are no restrictions for rear windows; however, note that for windshields and front side windows, light transmission should not be less than 70%.

2. Eye Comfort with Tinted Windows

Tinted window films are typically applied to car windows to prevent glare. Sunlight entering directly through the window can cause direct or reflected glare (from objects such as screens or mirrors), leading to discomfort and temporary loss of vision, which can be extremely dangerous. Anti-glare films ensure optimal driving comfort for the driver and also help reduce eye strain.

3. Heat Reduction Effect with Car Solar Films

By filtering the sun's rays entering the vehicle, tinted films create a genuine barrier against UV rays and heat. This is not only practical but also economical. By applying tinted films to the car windows, you significantly reduce the need for air conditioning. Consequently, the interior temperatures of the vehicle remain comfortable even in hot weather.

4. Security and Privacy with Anti-Glare Films

Window films provide significant security benefits for your customers' vehicles! Thanks to their tinted effect, they protect the vehicle's interior and all its passengers from prying eyes. It is also possible to apply a mirror film or opaque film to the rear side windows, preventing any view into the cabin. This is a compelling reason to offer tinted film installation to your buyers. They are particularly useful during long journeys or when parking your vehicle to minimize the risk of theft.

5. A Stylish Car with Tinted Window Films

Adding tinted film to a vehicle can be a significant aesthetic enhancement. It brings more style and elegance to the car, regardless of its model or brand. Note that Protector also offers PPF films for cars. These are protective films for the bodywork. Transparent and discreet, they are virtually invisible when applied to the vehicle's surface. However, depending on the customer's choice, they can provide a glossy or matte effect to the vehicle's appearance. In any case, the film protects the paint from wear, projections, and minor impacts, thereby extending the vehicle's bodywork lifespan.